Wednesday, April 7, 2010

Summa Summa Summaaa Time!

Bout time I got my nails done! Even though Ive broken 2 already!
Summer time is on its way, which means lots of sour food (candy), fruit, beach,and blindingly bright colors!
Before I paint my nails and come up with a design I need a little inspiration! Obviously ORANGE, Modelo beer can,orange traffic cone that I found in my office, and my Miss Wax earrings to name a few!!!

Can't wait til I get my broke nails fixed my shit looks G--H-E-T-T-OOOOOO!
Im thinking WATERMELON! Mmmm...



  1. Giiiirrrrll! You need to check out MINX nails. THey're are the new rage! Gaga, Rihanna, all the celebs are about the MINX! CHeck them out. I love them, they last forever and shinier than any polish created!

  2. love this post babe fab blog!

  3. Darine- i know ive heard sooooo many good things aboout them
    Blow8- thanks ;)