Sunday, June 27, 2010

They call me MELLOW YELLOW......

The color yellow reminds me of all the things that make me happy!
-Yellow Flowers Found on the trails of the Back Bay
-Mango Lemonade and Strawberry Lemonade @ Valhalla Table in Costa Mesa (the cucumber lemonade is the best)
-Lemonheads can be found anywhere
-Short Chola nails Found on yours truly!



  1. heck yeah!!!! i love it darling! you forgot pineapples!!!! they make me feel better when i am sick!
    or your peepee

  2. hahhaha! i completely forgot about Pineapples i will have to do nails inspired by pineapples!

  3. um please blog more!!!!
    and no its not weird that i am wearing the aa tank top. you said that was the one you bought to replace my ruined one. if it's not i would be happy to ship it back to you along with the headbands:)
    miss you

  4. send me headbands!!!!! i think you took mine with you too i cant find it :)